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Nudist LifeStyle

Life as a single male nudist.

Since the age of 13 I was a nudist. One day I decided to get naked for unknown reasons, I took off my clothes and I loved the feeling, and from that day on, I was hooked on nudism

From that day on, I got naked as much as I can. I slept naked, I walked out my bedroom naked at night to use the bathroom

hopeing that my family dont catch me in the middle of the hall. When my family went somewhere, I stayed home, and took

off all my clothes while my family was gone. I used to go to the lake in my neighborhood and skinny dip all the time, I would

go in the woods, and strip naked and stay nude for hours at a time in the woods enjoying the feeling of not wearing clothes.

I kept this a secret from my family. They never knew. Many years later I still love being naked. I live in Athens Greece, I stay nude in my home, do my normal daily

routines all in the nude.

This site is dedicated to my lifestyle as a nudist.



Home Work -----------------------------------Warm Up's------------------------------------------Young Nudist



Beach Boner



August Shower




Nude Morning

Out Door Stretches

Warm Up's

Me at a club


Some of these videos are from 1999, They are all my jurney in my life

as a nudist. Body shape does matter to an extent as of me i always struggled to get fit, and never accomplished my goals.

These days I care no more. Just as long as I am not chubby or fat.
 In some videos i will show how I handle my self if I do get horney at a nudist area or beach.

Nude beach in Greece


Weight Lifting






Greek Salad

Splish Splash


Nudist Journey





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